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Shine Nursery recognises that positive, respectful and understanding relationships with parents are key to the success of the child’s experiences at Shine Nursery. We need to continually work together and share information so that your child is cared for to the highest standard and makes excellent progress. Communication is key to the success of these relationships. 

At Shine nursery we are committed to: 

  • Asking for and sharing information about your individual child’s routines, needs and progress every day. As children progress into Stars (Two’s room) they become more independent and start to become part of key person groups where they play and learn together. At that point we begin to share a weekly overview of the care and learning via email. 

  • Giving information to parents about child development, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)  and ideas of things to do at home. Each half term we send information about one or two areas of the EYFS. 

  • Sharing information about your child’s progress and next steps. We do this through reports and parent meetings at least 3 times a year. If children need help to catch up in some areas of learning, we work together with parents so may meet or speak on the phone more regularly to ensure that the children are making progress. We will also give parents lots of ideas and activities to use at home to help children’s progress

  • Working together with other agencies and parents. Sometimes children are referred to specialist services such as Speech and Language Therapists. Where other services are involved, we will meet with them and parents together where possible and again this will be more frequent.


  • We work together with the parents of our Star’s and Rainbows children to build their vocabulary every day. Research shows that if children have a good vocabulary and can speak well, they will go on to be able to learn and read well, make relationships through social communication and manage their own feelings and behaviour. 

  • Children’s brains develop through experience and communication. Although our staff, at Shine Nursery, are trained to have excellent interactions with children, parents are key to their child’s success. Parents can have the best one to one, back and forth conversations and give their child time to talk. 

  • Every word you say together, build’s your child’s brain and their capacity to learn

  • Every word you say together, build’s your child’s brain and their capacity to learn

  • ‘I Read Every Day’ project helps to: ‘build learning – a word and sentence at a time’

  • Our ‘I Read Every Day’ project is designed so that parents read the book to the child and talks about new words, getting children to say them. Research shows that a developing child usually can say around 20 words by the time they are 2 years olds Then between 2 and 3 years old children usually learn around 300 words. This continues with children learning around 400 new words a year throughout their school life so that by the time they leave they will have a full vocabulary.

  • The most important part of the ‘I Read Every Day’ project is that the child ‘reads’ the book back to the parent, based on what the picture shows or what they remember. That is the start of reading. Sharing a story every day will give your child:

  • Huge numbers of new and unusual words to learn, 

  • Ideas of new places and cultures,  

  • Knowledge of different people and animals,

  • Understanding of feelings and emotions

  • A shared experience with you 

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