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At Shine Nursery we have 4 staff in our Sunbeams Room, 4 in Stars and 5 in Rainbows (2 doing a job share). We have a Nursery Manager, Business and Admin Manager, Nursery Director, Lunchtime Co-ordinator, and a Cleaner. We do sometimes have students working towards Level 2 and 3 qualifications working at nursery, if they interview well and we believe they have the skills and understanding to be competent practitioners. We also have Alan and Mark who are Directors. They own the building and keep it to the highest standards of safety. 

All the staff work towards Quality Standards outlined in our Competency Framework. You can ask to see a copy of this at nursery. 

Happy to meet you…





Experiences: Ann has experience of working with children for over 30 years as a Playgroup Leader, Child Minder, Family Centre Worker, Childcare Practitioner and as a Childcare Manager.

Qualifications: NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing. Forest School Leader.

Responsibilities: To care for and nurture the babies so they can grow and develop in a calm, homely and safe environment.

Likes: Honesty, Sewing, reading and holidays.

Dislikes: Harmful human activities that pollute, destroy or have a negative impact on our natural environment



Experiences: Worked in childcare for 16 years with all ages. Enjoy working most with 0 – 2 year olds.

Responsibilities: To support the babies with their personal, social and emotional development, their physical development and their language and communication by giving them lots of wonderful play experiences.


Likes: Toadstools, fell walking and music.

Dislikes: Pet snakes



Experiences: I have worked for 3 years in a local primary school, supporting children from early years to Key Stage 1.

Qualifications: Level 2 Children and young people workforce, level 3 supporting teaching and learning. Working towards Level 3 Early Years Educator

Responsibilities: At Shine Nursery, I work with all age groups and I am currently working in baby room, which I love.

Likes: Going to the gym, spending time with family and friends exploring new countries.

Dislikes: Tomatoes, gherkins, extreme sports.



Experiences: Shannon has worked in childcare for over 5 years and has loved every minute of caring for the little ones.

Qualifications: Level 2 in Childcare working towards a Level 3.

Responsibilities: Supporting babies with their emotional, physical, personal, and social development through fun play in our lovely calm Sunbeams room.

Likes: Baking and decorating cakes. Shannon is always baking for friends and family and loves doing baking activities with the children. Spending quality time with her family, watching films and shopping. She loves Autumn and Winter and feeling cosy and warm indoors.

Dislikes: Spiders, bugs and hot weather.





Experiences: Kelly has worked in childcare for over 14 years 

Qualifications: Cache Level 3 in Childcare & Education, Level 2 & 3 in Customer Service, Level 2 Team Leader, Level 3 in Management and Makaton Sign Language.

Responsibilities: Deputy Manager, designated room lead and keyworker in Stars. Responsible for ensuring that all the children have a fun, enriched environment and that the Stars room runs smoothly.

Likes: Days out at National Trust properties and The Black Country Museum with my family. Eating out.

Dislikes: Snakes




Experiences: Over the last 3 years Mia has worked in Sunbeams Room, Stars and Rainbows. Prior to that Mia has lots of experience babysitting and really loves the 0-2 age group. 

Qualifications: Mia is currently working towards her Level 2 in Children and Young People’s Workforce. Mia has her Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding children training.

Responsibilities: Mia works with the other staff to plan the environment and activities that will support their development especially their creativity and social skills. Mia works with children on a one-to-one basis where needed. 


Likes: Spending time with family and friends, going on holiday, shopping, kindness and summer. 

Dislikes: Unkind people




Experiences: Michelle worked in playschool/nursery for over 6 years as a Childcare Practitioner before joining the lovely team at Shine.

Qualifications: Level 3 in Childcare & Level 3 in Play work.

Responsibilities: Keyworker to Stars Room children. Planning and carrying out activities ensuring that the children have a lovely, enriched environment to enjoy every day.


Likes: Travelling, spending time with family and walking her dogs.

Dislikes: Flys, ants and wasps




Experiences: Steph was an apprentice for 2 years whilst she studied for her childcare qualification. She is now an experienced keyperson and has worked with children for over 12 years. 

Qualifications: Level 3 (Children and Young People’s Workforce) 

Responsibilities: Key person in Stars, planning and delivering the car and learning for two year olds. 


Likes: knitting, watching films, being with family and friends

Dislikes: enclosed spaces (claustrophobic) 





Experiences: Kaylea has worked within Early Years for over 15 years and really loves her job.

Qualifications: Level 3 in Early Years and Level 5 in Early Childhood Studies.

Responsibilities: Key person in Rainbows working with her own group. 


Likes: Kaylea loves spending time with her family and her two boys, doing lots of fun activities.

Dislikes: Spiders!!




Experiences: Kirsty has worked in childcare for over 18 years.

Qualifications: Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education

Responsibilities: Key person on Rainbows caring for children and assessing, planning and providing fun learning for them.


Likes: Kirsty likes spending time with her husband, two boys and dog (Marley) and going on lots of walks. Kirsty also enjoys being with friends and shopping! 

Dislikes: Being cold – definitely prefers the warmer months, holidays and sunshine.




Experiences: Laura has worked in childcare for over 14 years. It has always been her dream job and is something she is very passionate about.

Qualifications: CACHE DCE Level 3 in Childcare, Customer Service Levels 2 & 3, Team Leader.

Responsibilities: Deputy Manager, designated room lead and keyworker in Rainbows ensuring that the room runs perfectly with all the children receiving exciting and educational fun filled days.


Likes: Hot summer days, family time, shopping.

Dislikes: Heights!


Sam P

Experiences: When Sam left school she studied childcare for 3 years at collage. She then stayed in her first nursery for seven years as a practitioner. After raising my family full time at home, she then returned to a different nursery where she worked with the children and took on a deputy manager role.

Qualifications: Level 3 Diploma in Childcare

Responsibilities: Contributing to the successful running our Pre-School Room and overseeing the learning within the room, as well as giving the children meaningful conversations and learning experiences to broaden their skills.


Likes: Watching movies, reading, holidays, days out with friends and all food- she’s a real foodie.

Dislikes: Clowns, unkindness and parallel parking (watch out pedestrians!)



Qualifications: NVQ Level 3 and currently studying for a Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant Qualification. 

Responsibilities: Key person to a fantastic group in Rainbows Room. 


Likes: Yoga, reading, movie nights with my daughter and catch up time with friends.

Dislikes: Spiders, clutter, when you’re your clothes become too tight!!

Breakfast / Dinner / Teatime staff and cleaning staff




Experiences: As a student she has worked closely with all children from birth to 5 and absolutely loves it!

Qualifications: Level 2 in Childcare working towards her Level 3

Responsibilities: Taking care and looking after the children in all rooms as needed. 

Likes: Spending time with friends and family, walking her dogs and shopping.

Dislikes: Spiders, snakes, and heights



Experiences: Sue has worked as a cleaner for over 20 years, cleaning schools, nurseries and shops. Sue also has 3 years of experience working as a dinner lady at Netherton Park Nursery School.

Qualifications: Food Hygiene, Child Protection

Responsibilities: Sue serves lunches to all of the rooms in nursery and maintains hygiene standards and cleaning in the kitchen. She also cleans the nursery at the end of each day giving the children a clean and safe environment.

Likes: Spending time with family, football (even though she supports West Brom!!), Reading

Dislikes: Cruelty in any shape or form and peas of any description!!

Management Team


Sam B


Experiences: Sam has worked in Early Years for 30 years. She loves that every day is different and is always enthusiastic to work with the staff to give the children wonderful experiences. 

Qualifications: Sam is a qualified Level 5 practitioner having completed her Foundation Degree in Early Childhood. Sam also has a Level 4 management qualification.

Responsibilities: Sam is responsible for the overall running of the nursery and ensuring all of the practice is in line with guidance and law. She ensures all safety arrangements are in place and adhered to and monitors and supports staff with the quality of teaching and learning.


Likes: Sam likes socialising with family and friends, eating out and going to the theatre. She also spends a lot of time watching her two boys play football! 

Dislikes: People being unkind to each other, cold weather and spiders.


(Operational Director)

Experiences: Nicola has worked in children services for over 30 years as a teacher, head teacher, Ofsted Inspector, Advisor and Early Years Trainer.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in Early Years Education.

Responsibilities: Nicola is passionate about children having the best start in life particularly in developing communication, social skills and self-confidence. Nicola ensures all practice at Shine Nursery is outstanding and delivers training and advice to staff.


Likes: kindness, my campervan, bargains

Dislikes: horror movies


Experiences: 20 years’ experience as a bookkeeper and administrator.

Qualifications: NVQ Level 3 – Customer Service.

Responsibilities: Finance, record keeping, admin, payroll for nursery and busy mom duties.

Likes: Reading, sunny spring mornings and chocolate.

Dislikes: Rain, Olives and rude people.

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