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Learning & Curriculum

At Shine Nursery we have planned a curriculum which:

  • Engages and excites children

  • Provides meaningful learning opportunities through experiences 

  • Gives opportunities to build confidence, resilience, curiosity, and learning skills 

  • Promotes spiritual, moral, cultural, social, and personal development 

  • Develops children’s skills and understanding and builds memory 

  • Allows children’s gifts and talents to be fully explored and celebrated

  • Encourages home and family learning

  • Uses outdoor experiences to promote learning 

  • Ensures children develop across the 7 Area of Learning: 1) Communication and Language, 2) Personal, Social and Emotional Development, 3) Physical Development, 4) Literacy, 5) Maths, 6) Understanding of the World and 7) Expressive Arts and Design

  • Develops children’s characteristics of effective learning such as problem solving, resilience, curiosity, and imagination.


Shine Nursery practitioners know the children very well. They know their learning styles, preferences and stages of development and will use every opportunity to further build new vocabulary, skills, knowledge and understanding. The environment provided for the children has some areas that are continuous such as the home corner, the reading area, the block play/ small world area, the art area, sand and water play and the investigation area, but they are enhanced weekly to promote further learning. Shine Nursery also delivers themed learning in Stars and Rainbows to give children a rich vocabulary and the foundations for learning.  

Our practitioners have the highest levels of interaction and know that the best way to ensure progress and learning is to:

  • comment and describe during play and learning

  • introduce something else to extend the children’s play and learning

  • model play 

  • suggest a further activity or demonstrate a skill

  • pose a challenge 

  • question - ‘what, when, where how, why’

  • reflect on previous learning

  • relate the learning to the children’s real experiences

  • make the learning more multi-sensory

  • act out the learning

  • recap the learning 

  • ask the child to recap or give an explanation 


Sharing Assessment

Parents are sent a copy of ‘What to expect in the EYFS’’ when they register their child. The keyperson will meet with parents to complete information sharing and initial assessments. The keyworker will complete a ‘starting points’ assessment within 2 weeks to inform planning. If the child is two years old this will be shared with parents as part of the ‘Two Year Check’. Keyperson staff assess children’s progress every day and this will inform the planning. If a child needs additional support, then your keyperson will meet with parents throughout each term. For most children a summative assessment is completed in September, January and May and shared with parents through a report and parents meeting (in October, February, and June).  

Our Themes 


Our babies are provided with resources to develop their physical, communication, self-help, and social skills. Staff build up an awareness of their interests and repeated behaviours and provide commentary and additional experiences to extend their learning and development. The children experience Multi-sensory and Heuristic Play Activities and are encouraged to try new things every day. Babies begin to build their vocabulary and understanding by learning the names/ phrases of everything in their daily routine including names of people, objects indoors and outdoors, food/ utensils, clothes, and toys. They also begin to learn to sing simple rhymes and songs. 

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Autumn 1 – My Body, My Senses

Autumn 2 – My Food

Spring 1 – My Animals

Spring 2 – My Family and Friends

Summer 1 – My Home and Garden

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Children will develop a range of skills and learn new skills and language to include:

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Autumn 1 – Marvellous me

Autumn 2 – Fabulous Food

Spring 1 – Amazing Animals

Spring 2 – World of Work

Summer 1 – Wonderful World

Summer 2 – Investigation and Imagination

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Children will develop a range of skills and learn new skills and language to include:

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